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  1. 18x8 +35 18x9 +30 what do you think they would look like, any other suggestions ?
  2. what dimensions of the long thin intercooler, what you find that off ? thanks
  3. hi was looking for an auto to run behind my sr20det thanks prefer n.s.w
  4. wtb automatic gearbox s14/s15 n.s.w

    wow nothing, though people chucked these things
  5. Bulahdelah Hill Climb

    maybe who was it ?
  6. Bulahdelah Hill Climb

    nar man you can get it scruitneered in the morning before the event actually starts, they just dont like to do every car like this as it can take up some time
  7. Bulahdelah Hill Climb

    yea was fine bit of a sore neck and the cars still sitting in the shed at mum and dad's lol still havent got another keen to drive another but, thinking about going to look at that bright yellow one on carsales i like bulahdelah hillclimb suits silvia's i think, id def do it again even after that bad experience (was the 2nd time i entered it)
  8. Bulahdelah Hill Climb

    managed this on the 20th of march at Bulahdelah
  9. S14a questions

    3000rpm light noise is normal without the standard airbox, bov noise is normal with a pod even when it is plumbed back.
  10. wakefield.. all cars...

    haha thats not very nice KayToi, looks like yas had a good day but
  11. you havent told us enough details, when is the cam switching on and off ? are you sure the cam is switching on ie try doing a run or a drive with it disconnected will tell you. 15psi ? aftermarket ecu ? 4500rpm VCT cross over you mean this is where u are turning it off, its to early keep it on till mid 5000ish think factory is 5700
  12. drysump questions

    think normally you would use just 1 belt driven pump that has suctions from the sump area back to the tank (scavangers) and has another from the tank back to the motor (pressure), i think if you are looking to this set up you would have to estimate 5grand+ external oil filter, adaptors blocks and any thing you want a dry sump for id think oil cooler also. i would imagine should ask what the car is for ? and is there any other threads on this ?
  13. MG car club Hill climb

    Yeah can be a little hard to get in, mainly you just cant leave it to late once the entry forms are out. ring wood is a bugger of a track so tight, but still fun. bulahdela was on a few weeks ago that was pretty good all fast sweepers 3-4
  14. MG car club Hill climb

    haha yea the 180 had semi's too but although not quite as new lol, but bridget's had i think sports tires
  15. MG car club Hill climb

    yea her car looks good theres a photo of it in the link above those photo's, i decided on some late editing cause i thought photos are awesome best thing was i beat the yellow monaro
  16. MG car club Hill climb

    im 20th was pretty happy considering my car is full trim, 50th is a stripped out unreg 180sx dude had some traction problems lol and 64th was a female driving pretty conservatively, i didnt talk to her. so didnt find out anything about her car but it looked nice. when i first got there i was like oh other silvia's then thought im going to get embarrarsed (maybe even by a girl), but really at the end of the day every one had fun and all the silvia's went home more photos at Mattara hillclimb
  17. MG car club Hill climb

    summary of the times for sunday for anyone thats interested, the silvias are 20th 50th and 64th they seem to have trouble naming them lol
  18. MG car club Hill climb

    hopefully the weather clears up for the weekend, anyone entered ? the goal is just to get to the top quickly i dont think drifting the whole way will help much
  19. window tints workshop to recommend?

    yea i went there, no problems.
  20. Suspension Mods

    dont shim a s14/s13 it is not good for grip, it just binds the diff up making it like a locker.
  21. Suspension Mods

    ive also got a GT pro 1.5way TT on its way to me... cant wait .. i recently got a 2nd hand set of semis they are amazing, if its for the street the high end road tires like you mentioned will be good too ive used ku36's they are good for the money.
  22. Suspension Mods

    pineapples, or something simialar cheap and effective, rear strut brace imo its easy and i think it helps pretty cheap to
  23. Mofos at lights.

    im not sure but i think my post in the topic was deleted... why is it becasue i always engage in illegal street races ?
  24. s15 injectors with s14 ecu ? lol fail
  25. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    how the hell do u quote now lol, but yeah she's hot lol