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  1. Hi Everyone, I have some deals I can pass onto you send me a message if your interested. Goodride Sport RS tyres direct to you. These tyres are not just only good for drifting but they are a great hi-performance street tyres that are quiet and long lasting. Check the pricing and sizes below. 265/35/18. $135each. 235/40/18 $130each 245/40/17 $125each 225/40/17 $110 each If you want quality of over 10 send a message and we can do a deal Prices are pick up in Brisbane. We can freight country wide. Please message for a quote message me or cal 0403342834 Kris
  2. Evolution of a car

    Hi Everyone Here is some new videos of the car in action - enjoy
  3. Evolution of a car

    hey guys please go to my facebook page and click like http://www.facebook.com/kfrome
  4. Evolution of a car

    Some more photos of the Car from Stadium Drift Round one
  5. Evolution of a car

    Hi Guys here is the new look of the Skyline what do you think
  6. Evolution of a car

    V8 because of reliability and no turbo lag, The LSD doors are gone now and it is a Skyline there is just where the post ended up
  7. Evolution of a car

    Thanks guys Another video
  8. Evolution of a car

    Just a quick video of how my car has changed over the years enjoy http://youtu.be/QoyF8XJ90RE
  9. Some new pics of the car on track still fine tuning a few things but it is soo awesome to drive
  10. Thanks guys couple of photos from the hardtuned track day