Posted on Monday Apr 20, 2015

EXEDY L2 SERIES Rd2….Winner & series leader Shane Heathcote (driving the borrowed HPR car) seen here on the door of 3rd place Tim Kaehler…the L2 guys put on an awesome show with many battles as close as these two..
well done to all the L2 guys for a great days entertainment.

“HEADLINE HARRY” battles the “FLYIN FLEXO” an awesome day at Rd2 of the EXEDY L2 SERIES at Archerfield ….tough close battles were the order of the day with the L2 guys putting on a great show, again…

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Posted on Tuesday Apr 7, 2015



EXEDY L2 SERIES drivers please note times for Rd2 this sunday April 19 at Archerfield…
Drivers sign in from 10am, on track from 11am, practice at Midday….4pm finish..
. Gates open to public at 11am..
Admission Adults $20….Kids U14 $10…Kids U6 free …. NO ALCOHOL



1—-SHANE HEATHCOTE————— 15 pts
2—-FEIX HURRELL———————– 12 pts
3—-KYLE McKINNON——————– 10 pts
4—-PERRY McPHERSON————– 8 pts
5—–TIM KAEHLER————————-7 pts (incl top qualifier bonus pt)
6—- JUSTN LOOSE———————— 5 pts
7—- JOEL HOWE————————— 4 pts
8—– HARRY TARRANT——————- 3 pts
9—– JOSH DOBRIK———————— 2 pts
10— TOM MEREDITH——————— 1 pt
11— SARA COUPER——————— ——
12—- ARMAND CRONJE—————-
13—- JIMMY MALONE——————-
14— SHANE HILLS———————-

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SDA PRO TOUR Rd1 for 2015 was run & won at the awesome Carnell Raceway Stanthorpe yesterday & what a day it was, right form the first heat the pressure was on as the top class field battled it out for points in the qualifying heats, adding to the day was the return of Pro drivers Mat Huxley, Nick Coulson, Camo Hill & Gav Edwards who were joined by several new drivers & our regular SDA line up.
Nick Coulson took the bonus 2 points for top qualifying & the top 16 was underway….several off track incidents & a couple of spins left us with a top 4 of Nick, Gav, Barry & Camo, after some fierce battles it was down to Nick & Barry for top honours & they sure put on a hell of a show providing us with possibly the best final battle we have seen, so tough , so so close but a good clean fair fight which saw the “smiling Assassin” Barry Clark take his first Pro Tour rd win after a re-run was required…
Congrats to our winners
1. Barry Clark
2. Nick Coulson
3. Camo Hill
4. Gav Edwards
The “EXEDY L2 SERIES” Championship got underway in fine style with an excellent line up of cars & drivers who ran through a great round of qualifying heats with some great battles, with many new drivers & cars coming out for the EXEDY series the L2 boys put on a great show with the Lismore drivers Tim Kaehler (top qualifyer) & Perry McPherson facing each other in top eight, Perry took the win & went on to top 4 to face Felix Hurrell while Kyle Mckinnon in his new car faced the “wild child” Shane Heathcote, the final battle came down to Shane V Felix with Shane taking awvell deserved win.

1. Shane Heathcote
2. Felix Hurrell
3. Kyle Mckinnon
4. Perry McPherson
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